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News of October 2002 and before

October 08, 2002

Just a little change in about page to reflect the translations state of the upcoming GXMame.

August 30, 2002

here come a patch to solve problems using xfx version of mame and auto mode with the SDL version

download it,

uncompress it in the same directory you uncompress GXMame sources

gunzip gxmame-0.28-0.28-0830.diff.gz

then apply it

patch -p0 < gxmame-0.28-0.28-0830.diff

August 29, 2002

GXMame updated to the version 0.28

  • Support Flyers, Cabinets, Marquees and Titles screenshots in addition of the ingame one.
  • Display history.dat and mameinfo.dat informations in the main window.
  • Added options to configure scripts to allows to turn on debugging and disable the joystick support.
  • More error detection when running xmame.
  • New startup and gui options
  • Can run whatever the locale define as decimal separator.
  • Added Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German translation.
  • Bug fixes and code cleanup.
you can find more in the ChangeLog

get this new version here

to obtain various files (Flyers, Cabinets, Marquees, Titles, history.dat and mameinfo.dat) go to the link section

web site
move the translation status to the about page.

update links page.

2 new screenshots

new startup options
new startup options

August 23, 2002

updated links page

August 16, 2002

Help wanted
I'm looking for someone who could translate GXMame (message boxes, errors messages, menu...) into langages other than French and English

if you're interested.

August 12, 2002

update again
I finally found a computer where GXMame crashed at the begining, that allows me to find a bug that some people reported. I hope that now GXMame will work on every configuration, thanks everybody for all your bug reports.

I also improved a little bit the joystick support: user can keep a direction pressed to scroll through the game list.

you can find more in the ChangeLog

Download this new version here.

August 08, 2002

update again
Yep again this time is a stupid bug that was crashing GXMame when user tried to save options for non vector games

By the way, I began to work on the Joystick support, you can now use a joystick (/dev/js0 only for the moment, will be configurable after) where up and down allow you to select games and the button 0 allows you to launch the game.

I'm using the code from gtkjoy by David Boynton, on trylinux.com. Thanks to sté from the Xmame mailing list who provides the link to this page.

you can find more in the ChangeLog

Download this new version here.

August 06, 2002

big update of GXMame

You can now change game option from the gui, GXMame will use a default options for all game that you can change from Option->Default Option menu, or options for a specific game that you can change by selecting a game then either File->Default Properties menu or right-clic then Properties.

There are also these new features:
  • General and specific options for games
  • Quick jump to a game typing the first letters of the game
  • No more problems with right clic
  • Use path to find your executable
  • New logo
you can find more in the ChangeLog

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