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3. Usage

To run it, you'll find a GXMame icon in your menu Games/Arcade (that could change following your distribution and environment) or you can open a terminal and type gxmame, in that case you will have more information displayed in the terminal, that could be useful if you experience some problems and/or want to make a bug report...

3.1 First time use

When you run GXMame for the first time, you wont see any game, you need to change your directories preferences to point to a valid Mame executable if its not already the case then, rebuild the game list. After that can Audit all games to see what games are playable or not.

3.2 Presentation & General use.

GXMame will appear with, at the top of the window, a menu bar from where most action are available and a toolbox bar where the most common action are available. at the bottom of the window a status bar giving you some games informations.

The main window is divided in three part, the left part is the folder (or filter) panel, that allows you to view games following a specific criteria. the middle part is the game list panel and the right part is the screenshots panel that display different snapshots and informations.

You have several way to select a game:

After choose your game options, you can double click on it, press enter or use the Play item from File or contextual menus to launch it.

3.3 Menus

It is from these menus, you can do everything you want about the games or the GUI itself.

File menu

View Menu

Options Menu

Help Menu

Contextual menu

This menu appear when you right click on the gamelist on press the menu button of the keyboard, providing you almost the same action that from the File menu but from a more intuitive way.

3.4 Bars


This bar provide a quick way to change option of the GUI and can be toggled on by using the View -> Toolbar menu item, or the Alt-T keyboard shortcut.

Status Bar

This status bar provide you some information about the games and can be toggled on by using the View -> Status Bar menu item, or the Alt-S keyboard shortcut.

3.5 Panels

Folder panel

First section on the far left, the folder (or filter) panel allows you to view games following a specific criteria when highlighting a folder in this panel and can be toggled on by using the View -> Folder List menu item, or the Alt-D keyboard shortcut.

Game List panel

Second section on the middle, the game list panel contain the list of the games filtered by the folder panel, following the type of view you selected (for the moment only list and details views are available) it will display :

Additionnally, you can add following fields to detailled layouts using the Column Layout window:

Screenshot panel

Third section, on the far right, this panel display different snapshots and informations and can be toggled on by using the View -> Screen shot menu item, or the Alt-N keyboard shortcut.

3.6 Columns Layout

In this window, you can choose the way informations are displayed in detailled views. You select the info you want to add in the "Available colums" part of the window and clic on Add, identically, to remove one, select it in the "Shown columns" par and click on Remove. Finally you may want to change the order by selecting a item and click on Up or Down.

3.7 Directory Selection

In this window, you'll choose path to different directories for your Xmame executable, roms, samples, art and support files. Once your change are done, you can press on Apply to apply your changes, on OK to apply your change and close your window or on Cancel to close the window without taking your changes in account.

GXMame Directories

You will find here path to emulator executables and art file used by GXMame.

XMame basic paths

You will find here paths needed by XMame to be able to play.

XMame additionnal paths

Here goes art and support files used by GXMame and XMame.

User resources

Finally, here are set the paths to user's personnal datas (user need to have write right on these folders).

3.8 Preferences window

In this window, you'll define options that will be used to run Xmame. Following the way you open that window, you'll change global games setting (from Options... -> Default Option menu) or specific game setting (from Properties menu). For a specific game, you'll also have access to two tab that will give you additional informations and allow you to audit the game.

Once your change are done, you can press on Apply to apply your changes, on OK to apply your change and close your window or on Cancel to close the window without taking your changes in account.

At the top of all tabs, is displayed the complete name of the game and the internal name (used for the game folder or zip) for specific game options.

General Tab (not for general options)

In this tab, are displayed informations about the selected game:

Audit Tab (not for general options)

When you click on this tab, you automatically activate the audit of the game. after a while, the result is displayed and tell you if Rom and samples audit are/

in addition, a description of missing/bad size/ bad dump will be displayed in the Details field.

Display Tab

In this tab, you'll change the Video related options for XMame.




Frame skipping

Resolution :

Rendering Tab

x11 options

Open GL options

SDL options

FX (Glide) options

Photon options

Video Mode

GGI options

SVGA options

Sound Tab

aRts Options

QNX Options

Alsa Sound System Options

Controllers Tab


Mouse / Trackball


Misc Tab

Use additional game artwork


Artwork Misc

Other Options


Network Options

Network Mode

Vector Tab

Open GL options

3.9 Startup Options Window

In this window, you can set several option for the GUI:

3.10 About Window

This window display credit information about GXMame, X-Mame and Mame.

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