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4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 Your program doesn't work, fix it.

Well... this kind of comments are not really useful (fortunately I haven't receive to much of these), first of all, instead of just saying that it doesn't work you can first try to look at the bugtrack see if someone else got the same bug and if that was corrected.

If you want to make a report you must at least indicate the version of GXMame(version and source, rpm...), the version of XMame (version and target) you use and what you were doing exactly (just launched it, launched a game after created the gamelist 45 times in a rows) and what is your configuration (Processor, speed, amount of ram, system...).

If you know how to compile it, do it with --enable-debug option during the configure step and send the output of GXMame.

4.2 I try to launch a game, but nothing happen.

Be sure that you are pointing to a good XMame executable.

4.3 I try to launch a game, GXMame disappear then reappear but no game was launched.

Look like XMame got an error and GXMame haven't catched it. In that case run GXMame from a terminal and look at the line that begin by "Message: xmame:" and send me the result, I'll add this Error to GXMame so it will be able to recognize it in next releases.

4.4 I got a "Device not configured - did you load the module?" console message each time I launch a game.

It's usually when GXMame try to find a joystick for game selection but you don't have one or not configured, if you don't use joystick you can get rid of this message by disabling joystick in the Options -> Startup options...

4.5 I got a "Couldn't open '/dev/js0' /dev/js0: No such file or directory " console message each time I launch a game.

It's usually when GXMame try to find a joystick for game selection but you don't have one or not configured, if you don't use joystick you can get rid of this message by disabling joystick in the Options -> Startup options...

4.6 Why is there two windows to configure Joystick?

The joystick options from the Options -> Startup options... menu are only to use Joystick support under GXMame, it allows you to select a game with the directions and to launch a game using the button 1.

The joystick options from the Game Properties widow allow you to select which joystick will be used by XMame. So you'll be able to play games with a joystick.

4.7 Ok, I configured my joystick (/dev/js0) in the Properties but it doesn't work in XMame.

For XMame option, you just have to set your joystick prefix to /dev/js not /dev/js0. You don't need to specifie the number (js0, js1, js2...) since XMame will iterate through all /dev/js* device to find the joystick.

4.8 It's very slow to navigate through games with the joystick up and down arrows. Is there any way to speed it up?

Try to use the Left and Right arrows of your joystick.

4.9 You're talking about a Joystick to select games and in the Startup option window but I don't see anything like that.

Recompile GXMame without the --disable-joystick at the configure step.

4.10 Why don't I see any pictures in the right panel ?

Check in the Directories window if Snapshots, flyers, cabinets, marquees, and titles path are pointing to to the folders where your pictures files (zipped or not) are.

4.11 Why don't I see any information under the pictures in the right panel ?

Check in the Directories window if Mame Info and History file are pointing to mameinfo.dat and history.dat files .

4.12 Why Version and Category fields are filed with Unknown ?

Check in the Directories window if catver path is pointing to the folder where your catver file is.

4.13 Why the Category and Version folders are empty ?

Check in the Directories window if catver path is pointing to the folder where your catver file is.

4.14 where are my folders icons ? I can only see colored sqares.

You are probably using John IV's icons set, this one include icons for folders, if you want to display classic icons and still using this set, you need to remove the following files from the file: foldopen.ico folder.ico foldavail.ico foldunav.ico foldmanu.ico manufact.ico foldyear.ico year.ico working.ico nonwork.ico custom.ico sound.ico foldcat.ico foldvers.ico roms.ico noroms.ico unknown.ico warning.ico.

4.15 Why my highscores aren't saved ?

Either XMame doesn't save highscore for your game

or Check in the Directories window if HiScore file is pointing to the latest hiscore.dat file.

4.16 Why my XMame snapshots aren't saved in the snapshot directory ?

Make sure that your snapshot folder is writable.

4.17 Why all my roms are unavailable even if I do a refresh ?

Check in the Directories window if your roms path are pointing to folders where your roms are.

4.18 Why can't I reorganize roms in an other order than by game name ?

Because it's not implemented yet.

4.19 Why when I use the Refresh function, some not working games are marked as working ?

Because Refresh only check for the presence of zip file or folder with the same name than the game but doesn't check the roms inside. It's mainly intended to gain time when you know that your games collection is OK (use of a rom manager). To get an exaustive check, you'd better use Audit all game function.

4.20 Why the SDL modes are just number instead of XRESxYRES ?

It because you surely using an XMame version inferior to the 0.61.1 one, Since, in previous version, xmame had to load a game successfully before displaying I just display a number. XMame can now display all SDL resolution supported without trying to load any game.

4.21 Why GXMame is so slooooooow to startup ?

At startup, GXMame run XMame several time to be able to identifies Options recognized by your version of XMame, the more XMame executable you have to longer the startup time will be.

I also noticed than XMame 0.61.1 was considerably faster than previous version to display option so GXMame will start faster.

4.22 I got a message "duplicate game name"

it's usually an option problem, check in the preferences window if you had entered an additional option string, if not send me a mail with the commandline GXMame tried to use.

4.23 I entered lot of executable in preferences but I don't have any one available ?

Only "valid" XMame executables are listed in the main window, if you entered non valid executable in preferences window they wont be available in the main window but you'll get Error messages at startup or when applying your change. I've done that cause one can remove an old binary and compile a new version of XMame, forgot to put the binary in his usual folder, GXMame will complain that the binary is not valid but wont erase it, so user will just have to put the new binary at is usual folder without reconfiguring GXMame. (that happen to me when I erased a link to a XMame directory)

4.24 When I'm running fullscreen, I have a large border around the game.

This problem occur with X11 DGA and SDL target.

If the game runs in fullscreen but occupies only a small area in the center of the screen, then your xserver does not have access to low resolutions (320x240, 400x300, and 512x384, for instance). In the case of SDL, the window will be in the resolution of closest matching resolution that SDL can switch to for full screen display.

In this case, you have to add "Modelines" for these resolutions in your XF86config file and add these resolutions to the resolutions list of your display somewhere in your XF86config file (you know, the list of resolutions you can switch to using ctrl-+).

You should find modelines that works with most graphic cards in the xmame contrib subdirectory.

If you don't want to alter your XF86config file, another solution is to run xmame.x11 with the height and width scale set to 2. In this case, the emulator will use 640x480 instead of 320x240, 800x600 instead of 400x300, etc. But I don't recommend it. The scaling uses CPU and the games will run more slowly.

However, if your CPU is fast enough, a better option is to use the effects "-ef 1". This introduces advanced render methods to create a nicer looking effect than the simple scaling. On the website you can see screenshots of the different effects.

you can also have the possibility to use the xv extension that will use hardware of your card to stretch the game to fullscreen.

4.25 SVGA version of X-Mame is not working

I know, this is because this version of X-Mame is sending data differently than other versions. I have to add some code to make GXMame understand it as well as other versions.

4.26 What is a game ?

Err... O_o !?!? you are too serious man.

4.27 How can I help this project ?

You can help this project by sending me:

4.28 Where can I get the games (ROMs) for MAME?

I'll make the same answer than the official Mame site:

You have three legal options:

  1. Search for auctions (on eBay for example) of the actual arcade circuit boards, and buy a ROM reader device to copy the ROM chips' contents into files.
  2. Buy the HotRod Joystick control panel. It is bundled with a CD that includes MAME, the Arcade@Home frontend, and selected 100% legal Capcom ROMs.
  3. There are also three free ROM sets available right on the official MAME site, in the miscellaneous downloads page.

The illegal option is to search the net with Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Webcrawler or other search engine, for the ROM files. Be aware that this is breaking the laws of almost every country. Before you consider doing this, see if the particular arcade games' copyright-owner has the ROMs available (as with Capcom). That way you will support the companies that support emulation.

4.29 GXMame rocks, I want to send you money, a teddy bear, a part of pizza.... what should I do ?

Thanks, just drop me a mail.

4.30 GXMame suck, I want to set up you the bomb, send you real angry bear, poisoned part of pizza... what should I do ?

What you say!?...

Errr... do nothing or, better, tell me why you think GXMame suck and how to improve it.

4.31 I don't see any question/answer that can help me.

You can try to check in the XMame FAQ, and if you find nothing, send me a mail with your question.

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